Everything About Clinoptilolite: How It Works And Its Benefits

Everything About Clinoptilolite: How It Works And Its Benefits

One of the main pitfalls of our modern lifestyle is that we are continually exposed to chemicals and harmful compounds. However, you can counteract the effects of those elements by making the right dietary choices.

A detox diet is linked to many benefits. For starters, such a diet aims at eliminating toxins from the body, while improving the immunity. That makes you stronger and healthier, increasing your energy levels and the quality of life.

Clinoptilolite Mineral Specimen

In the same respect, clinoptilolite is a compound proven to work excellently for this purpose. Today, we will present this element and the role it can play if you want to follow a natural heavy metal detox program.

What Is Clinoptilolite?

Clinoptilolite is one of the most abundant minerals belonging to the zeolite family.

It is used most extensively due to its excellent absorption rate, catalysis and dehydration capacities. The most important characteristic is that this element doesn’t strip the body of the vitamins and minerals required for optimal functioning.

It also acts as a natural, non-toxic buffer that aims at safely removing positively-charged heavy metals from the body, along with other substances such as pesticides, plastic residues, ammonia, nitrosamines, and other toxic chemicals.

In other words, this compound could aid you to detox your body and enhance your health. This study outlines that this mineral removes toxic metals through urination, without affecting the body’s levels of vital electrolytes.

What Is Zeolite?

I already mentioned that clinoptilolite is part of the zeolite mineral family. Zeolites represent negatively charged molecules, which are mined in certain parts of the world. When a volcano erupts, this results into the pouring of molten lava and thick ash. Eventually, the lava and ash end up in the sea.

Holding Zeolite Rocks In Hand

Due to a chemical reaction between the salt in the sea and the ash from the volcano, terrific minerals such as zeolites build up in the hardened lava.

Not only that they are among the few natural negatively charged molecules found in nature, but their structure is unique, as well. Zeolites feature wide vacant spaces that attract positively charged ions there.

In plain English, zeolites pull out the harmful metals out of the afflicted tissues. This capability is essential particularly for the removal of arsenic, lead, mercury and aluminum cadmium.

Benefits Of Clinoptilolite Powder

In lines with official reports from the Centers for Disease Control, the typical person has approximately 212 environmental chemicals in their blood. These chemicals include lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium, as well as plastic byproducts – none of these elements should be there.

Although it is hard to escape all toxins present in the food we eat, and the air we breathe, we could encourage the body’s detoxification process.

So, our health condition could be significantly enhanced with the ingestion of clinoptilolite powder. Here are the main benefits linked to it:

It Removes Heavy Metals, And It Detoxifies The Body

One of the many reasons why this powder is widely popular is its excellent detox properties. It does an amazing job at drawing in and, afterward, eliminating radioactive isotopes and heavy metals out of the system.

Zeolite Powder In Glass Bowl

Apart from that, this mineral captures other harmful chemical-like substances, as well: plastics, pesticides, herbicides, and others. And lastly, this mineral also functions as a potent antibacterial compound, trapping pathogenic bacterium, yeast, and other viruses and preventing them from further expanding.

It Balances The Body’s pH Level

This mineral contributes to neutralizing the acid in the bloodstream. What is more, by balancing the body’s pH level, it makes it more alkaline and less acidic.

Heavy metals present in the bloodstream tend to boost the acid levels, which can further have a detrimental impact on the brain function and immune system. That can lead to autoimmune issues, depression, brain fog or anxiety.

On that note, clinoptilolite zeolite powder could enhance your immunity, as it removes the free radicals known to cause stress in the liver and kidneys.

It Could Treat Depression

More and more people are suffering from depression. That is partly due to the ever-growing levels of stress we deal with on a regular basis. However, pollution and exposure to harmful elements play a role in this respect, as well.

The accumulation of toxins could seriously jeopardize the functioning of the body cells and organs. Eventually, they could also prevent you from ingesting essential nutrients and vitamins out of the food you eat. Evidently, that translates into mineral and vitamin deficiency, which is associated with depression.

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Zeolites can work wonders in this direction.

How Does It Help With Natural Heavy Metal Detox?

Most natural antioxidants aim at neutralizing the damage exercised by free radicals by donating their electrons. However, these minerals work distinctly. They neutralize free radicals by efficiently trapping them inside their unique structures.

On a microscopic level, this mineral has a three-dimensional crystalline structure, which keeps a negative magnetic charge. That acts similarly to a cage, attracting and capturing toxins in the tissues, bloodstream and gastrointestinal tract.

That translates into the elimination of free radicals. Several studies have been conducted in this direction, and they outlined that this mineral can be safely used for removing harmful toxins out of the body.

Using clinoptilolite zeolite each day is a safe way of discarding off toxic metals through urination.

It is believed that this mineral binds to toxins in the gut and the blood and cells. The harmful elements are encapsulated in the zeolite molecules, which are afterward removed via the urine and the stools, approximately 6-8 hours after ingestion.


To conclude, these natural minerals are definitely linked to numerous health benefits. Most importantly, they can maximize our health and help us to enjoy life more.

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However, as with any other lifestyle decision, it is best to address your concerns to your doctor and ensure that this is the right approach for you. That applies especially if you are already under medication.

Stay safe and make sure you leave your questions and thoughts in the comment section below!

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